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Awarded to

an SVC member who has gone above and beyond the normal call of duty to support this chorus and it's members."

Each year Sacramento Valley Chorus chooses a member to be recognized as the "Sweet Adeline of the Year". Whoever is chosen is honored at our Recognition Dinner, held after Regional Competition each year. The recipient of the former year makes the presentation to the new winner the following year.

Former recipients of this award are:

The recipient of the "Sweet Adeline of the Year" award for 2017 was not one member, but a group of 12 well deserving members. So many were nominated and deserving that each of them got a certificate to show that they were worthy of the award. SVC thanks you women for all of your hard work and dedication to SVC!

2017 - we had so many deserving member:s we recognized them all: Pattie Bauer, Joan Bippus, Sue Booth, Mary Brookshire, Kirby Cass, Merriann Cree, Cindy Henry, Alison Miller, Judi Naill, Dede Nibler, Robin Rosenau, and Joanie Williams.

2016 - Lynne Erickson 

2015 – Donna Spitzer

2014 – Kerry Wood

2013 – Carrie Falk

2012 – Babs Causley

2011 – Carol Collins

2010 - Adrienne Wright

2009 - Bonnie Flint


Competition Awards


Awarded to

the members of Sacramento Valley Chorus.

Harmony Classic        1st Regional          2nd Regional        3rd Regional        4th Regional                1st Midsized        2nd Midsized
                                                                                                                                                                                         Chorus                  Chorus

International Wildcard Competitor

2017 Regional Competition Evaluation

2016  2nd Place Regional Medalists (score of 613)

2015  International Wildcard Competitor

2015  Regional - Evaluation only

2014   2nd Place Regional Medalists (score of 640 points)

2013   2nd Place Regional Medalists (score of 610 points) 

2012   2nd Place Regional Medalists

2011   3rd Place Regional Medalists 

2010   3rd Place Regional Medalists

2009   4th Place Regional Medalists 

2008   3rd Place Regional Medalists

2007   2nd Place Mid-Size Regional Medalists

           3rd Place Regional Medalists

2006   2nd Place Regional Medalists

2005   1st Place Mid-Size Regional Medalists

           3rd Place Regional Medalists

2004   2nd Place Regional Medalists

2003   3rd Place Regional Medalists

2002    2nd Place Regional Medalists

            Most Improved Regional Chorus

            Voted " Best Singing Group with more than 100 people" by Sacramento Magazine

2001   3rd Place Regional Medalists

           4th Place IES Harmony Classic Div. AA Medalists

2000   1st Place Mid-Size Regional Medalists

            3rd Place Regional Medalists

1999   1st Place Mid-Size Regional Medalists

           3rd Place Regional Medalists

1998   3rd Place Regional Medalists

1997   3rd Place Regional Medalists

1996   4th Place Regional Medalist

1995   4th Place Regional Medalist

1994   5th Place Regional Medalist

1993   2nd Place Regional Medalist

1990   6th Place International Competitors

1989   1st Place Regional Medalists

Charted 1979



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